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Mari Kita Cuci!
Monday, November 9, 2009

Yesterday, me & my family went to Istana Budaya to watch Cuci The Musical.There are a lot of people & I can see so many artists came to the musical.Yesterday is our (my siblings) first time watching theater/musical.It was not dissapointed but it was really GREAT! I have no regrets watching the musical.Here's some pictures from yesterday events ;

before the musical starts.

after the musical finished.

before autograph session.

She's really PRETTY!

After we done with the autographs&photographs sessions, we went to Pavilion to have our dinner at Teppayaki.It was our second time at the 'restaurant' (well,not a restaurant,but kinda).So yummy =p

Oh yeah *singingMBLAQohyeah* before we went to Istana Budaya, we went to KLCC first.As soon as we arrived at KLCC, we went to Swatch to repair me & my sister's Swatch.Then, me & my sisters (except the eldest sister)  stopped by at Giordano because I spotted Jae Joong's shirt! It costs RM 54.I asked myself so many times, "Should I buy this?" At the end, I didn't :( Maybe next time.

Then we went to Kinokuniya.I browsed for Korean For Dummies but the only For Dummies that avaible are Japanese, Spanish, Chinese & French.Korean For Dummies are out-of-stocks.I've been looking for that book since I found the book at The Garden.Until now,I'm full of regrets for not buying the book! At the end, I bought this & this. At first, I want to buy a Korean Dictionary because it costs cheaper than I thought at RM 70++.

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