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Shining SHINee
Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was bored and I have nothing to do so I decided to edit pictures.I have no ideas at that moment & suddenly SHINee's images keep playing in my mind.So, I visited Shineee.net and look for HQ Pictures (I really love HQ Pictures).Then, I found out that most of SHINee's pictures are HQ Version! That's so cool! Most of 2PM's HQ Version are not re-uplaod at 2OD.2PM's HQ only can be found at their korean fanclubs.I want to join the fanclubs but all of them asking for ID.aisshh, mostly korean websites ask for ID.I think that's too strict!


1-3 original pictures 4 is the edited.I think the colours is a lil bit too rough,isn't?


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"What Is Your Heart Beating For?"
Monday, November 23, 2009

First of all, this post contains a lot of (I mean it) Hottests' things.
Right after I woke up(22 November), I quickly switch on my lappy & visits myspace & allkpop to see what news have been spreading around.& I got a comment from Haifa telling me that 2PM won Artist of The Year! I seriously shocked to hear that.Thanks Haifa,for telling me that :D Oh God! menyesalnya x tgk MAMA live ari tuh!
I wanna say a big congratulations to 2PM for winning 2 awards; Best Male Group & Artist of The Year 2009! 축하해요!


Taecyeon: "If it weren't for Jaebeom hyung, we wouldn't have got this award. We're waiting for you,so hurry up & return!"

omg! what did he said? It's true right? & it's not a dream right? ohh..my tears start to flowing..i can't stop it...


Junsu "Although he isn't here with us, Jay Bum who has been training with me for four years, our LEADER..we want to have this honour with him together here with us.

Taecyeon had gestured the presence of Jay Bum during their acceptance speech by playfully showing a "shortie" gesture, showing how much Jay Bum was missed. He also stepped aside, leaving a space for Jay.

Chansung who looked like he was holding back his tears said "Jay Bum, you're watching this right?"

Woo Young who couldnt control his streamig tears didn't even lift up his head during the acceptance.


I love GD :D He knew that 2PM will win the award as you can see in the video.& he's really happy for that..well,of course lah! My hubby is his bestie so of course lah GD happy,kan kan kan?

if you have 2OD account, you should read this

FANCAM : Wooyoung at MAMA

T__T Wooyoung didn't smile at all :( yes,I know why.. kwenchana. & when 2PM was announced to be the winner, he didn't jumps along with the fellow members.He was fulled with tears.

FANCAM : right after the winning speech

awww~ that's so sweet seeing them hugging each other TT they even hugged Minjae.


Ivy & Nichkhun


I didn't wtch the video as by looking at the pictures, already make me want to kill that **** woman (ivy)! WTH did she did to our Khun?!?! mangang,mengong,sengal & cial gilaaaa lah minah tu!!! menggedik!sedar lah sikit,diri tuh da tua! arrrghh!!! & boleh nmpk sgt kat muka Khun yg dia x suka ngun menda tu!Mmg padan ngan muka ko yg minihompi ko dapat byk sgt anti-fans comments!
Some netiznes hateful comments at her CY;

“Goodbye for Ivy”
"Where did you come from?"
“This is like porn”
"Do you want your minihompy to be terrorized?"
"Why would you mess with Nichkhun?"

Heartbeat & AAA

Can you feel my heartbeat?" hehe..my tears starts to stop :) because I saw Junsu! He was really HANDSOME & HOT wearing that formal cloth and tgk lengan baju dia!! ahh, he looks really really really really hot when he's like that! In this comeback. my hubby had showed his upper skins! LOVE IT SO MUCH! haha :D hmm, so the rumours saying Jaebeom will come out somewhere during AAA was just a rumour.& the one yg kluar bukannya Jaebeom!! but,that old man JYP! aishhhh....poyo jer!! I..really really hate JYP since he made a statement about Jaebeom's withdrawal! Did you hear that JYP?!?! If you want me to love you,please say or/and do something that will make me HAPPY! You only think about your princess! hissshhh..btw, anyone see what I saw? they left a space for Jaebeom.At 5:23, Jaebeom supposed to be in front of them.Supportive board that I catched : "We love 2PM, SU SU" I'm sure the board was from Thailand's Hottest because Su Su means hwaiting in Thailand Language & that phrase, always said by Jaebeom.

MAMA loves 2PM!
First. they want to bring Jaebeom but didn't succed to bring him.Second, they put all 7 members pf 2PM's names in the credits scroll

^ did you see that?? hmm, i mst say, i love MAMA :D Back then,i used to hate MAMA because of some reasons,well.. you must know that!


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100th Post = 10th Layout
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yahoo! Finally, I've reached my first 100th posts ;) And,to celebrate this (oh,I've became Jeremy) I made a new layout.This time featuring A.N.JELL! Who's A.N.JELL? aah, google it yourself. I'm too lazy to write it for you.I made 4 different banners and each banner consist of a member of A.N.JELL (omg,you many 'of' did I said? hmmph, bad grammar -.-") Btw, I can't believe that this is my 10th layout! hehe, I love the navigation style~ Shortlist;
I made my 10th layout featuring A.N.JELL as a celebration party for my 100th posts <3
Name: ♫ A.N.JELL
Banner Picture: A.N.JELL.
Quotes : Each quote was said by themselves in Minami Shineyo.
Main theme: lime, vivid sky blue & soft red.
Time taken: not sure.
Playlists: You're Beautiful OST Part 1 & Part 2 & BEAST Mini Album.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS3, notepad, paints.
Image hosting: Imageshack.
Past layout: V09; BEAUTY & BEAST

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s - Blue
Fuji Instax Mini 7s - Blue

I want that camera!!! So cute and it is polaroid! I really want polaroid camera.The price isn't expensive than I thought.I thought it'll cost about RM300 something, but it only cost RM235! I want it! I want it! I want it! This camera is currently in my WISHLIST :) hmm, tunggu PMR results nnt lah :D Oh, this camera is something similar with the one in You're Beautiful (according to soompiers).

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You're Beautiful Miniature :)

more preview at star-thots.com

Staright to the point! I found a soompier selling You're Beautiful Miniature and I contacted her.Here is her replies for my message :
Hi~ ^^
I'm ordering it via my friend (she is studying there) so maybe we can share order and save on shipping?
getting all 4 will be really expensive tho as its about RM 48 (SGD 20) each but if more people buy it'll be cheaper =) the special thing is ..its customised! so you just need to give me a picture of the anjell member that you want and at what scene (its very detailed so if jeremy holding an apple in that picture, your chibis will be holding it too ^^). for example, mine is based on this picture ^^

jeremy : http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/8117/0011nk.jpg

i'm ordering the following images for myself tho so if you dont mind similar design then can just follow mine ^^
here's the pictures i am doing next : http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8172/chibis.jpg

do let me know thanks ^^
I'm interested to buy,but yeah..it's a little expensive.That's why I post this at my blog, who knows you might want to buy them (; If you are interested or any questions, please email me at nine4esha@yahoo.com , YIM me at nine4esha or Myspace/Facebook me by Thursday night!

*read here

I put Star-Thots link just for a preview.We are not buying from Star-Thots.com because he/she is a liar! I was cheated by that person T__T We are buying this from the soompier's friend that having vacation at Singapore.

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Choi Min Hwan
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

히 히 히..I'm posting this instead of sleep..

Notes for FT Island's Drummer - Minhwan :)
HAPPY 18 (19 for Korean Ages) BIRTHDAY CHOI MINHWAN!
I don't know much about you since I'm not a big fan(Primadonna) of FT Island.I'm just a random fan who always listen to FT Island songs, download FT Island's album and MV and watch FT Island's MV.But, I promised! After this, I'll sneak out all informations about you :D and be an official Primadonna.Don't be surprised if I know all about you on the next day.Anyway, you know what? You are my favourite among the other FT Island's members.Ever since I watched you beated Jaebeom in arm-wrestling, since then I like you.You've showed me that you are really strong! Plus, you are really good looking you know? I can't resist your cute smiles~ ahh, can you hugs me with your STRONG arms? ㅋㅋㅋ Moreover, you are KARA's fanboy,right? 허허 I like love them too <3

Choi Minhwan

 생일 축하합니다 최민환!!!

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Mari Kita Cuci!
Monday, November 9, 2009

Yesterday, me & my family went to Istana Budaya to watch Cuci The Musical.There are a lot of people & I can see so many artists came to the musical.Yesterday is our (my siblings) first time watching theater/musical.It was not dissapointed but it was really GREAT! I have no regrets watching the musical.Here's some pictures from yesterday events ;

before the musical starts.

after the musical finished.

before autograph session.

She's really PRETTY!

After we done with the autographs&photographs sessions, we went to Pavilion to have our dinner at Teppayaki.It was our second time at the 'restaurant' (well,not a restaurant,but kinda).So yummy =p

Oh yeah *singingMBLAQohyeah* before we went to Istana Budaya, we went to KLCC first.As soon as we arrived at KLCC, we went to Swatch to repair me & my sister's Swatch.Then, me & my sisters (except the eldest sister)  stopped by at Giordano because I spotted Jae Joong's shirt! It costs RM 54.I asked myself so many times, "Should I buy this?" At the end, I didn't :( Maybe next time.

Then we went to Kinokuniya.I browsed for Korean For Dummies but the only For Dummies that avaible are Japanese, Spanish, Chinese & French.Korean For Dummies are out-of-stocks.I've been looking for that book since I found the book at The Garden.Until now,I'm full of regrets for not buying the book! At the end, I bought this & this. At first, I want to buy a Korean Dictionary because it costs cheaper than I thought at RM 70++.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

You know what? The pig-rabbit in You're Beautiful are up for sale!
I want that pig-rabbit as well as the sticker & cartoonized ANJELL!


If you were charmed by the “Pig-Rabbit” stuffed animal that was featured prominently in this week’s episodes of You’re Beautiful, you’re not the only one: the production company has been flooded with inquiries about it. One source explains, “The phone won’t stop ringing with questions regarding the Pig-Rabbit. With the fans requesting merchandise of the A.N.JELL cut-outs [pogs] and the Pig-Rabbit, we have looked into it and plan to begin production soon.”

In case you’re behind on the drama, “Pig-Rabbit” arose out of a nickname that Jang Geun-seok’s character had for Park Shin-hye; the plush version was created when he cannibalized two stuffed animals in Episode 9 to produce a bunny with a pig snout. (As you can see, it sure made her happy.)

The stuffed animal was also featured in Episode 10 as he continued talking (and venting) to the doll. The cartoonized A.N.JELL figures (pogs and stickers), which were used as a plot point, also got fans talking.

Meanwhile, the drama finally broke 10% ratings with the last episode; its 10.0% (via TNS ratings; AGB’s give 10.8%) held up against IRIS’s 30.9%.

original news taken from

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Ratings %
Friday, November 6, 2009

Aduh..pagi-pagi lagi nak membebel sensorang Esha nih -.-" I have to share with you (especially YAB's Fans) about the ratings.Everyday, I'll visits YAB's thread at soompi.And every Thurday & Friday, a member will post  about the drama's ratings.Here is yesterday (EP 10) rating;
Nationwide/Rank: 10.0%/14thSeoul/Rank: 10.5%11th

^click for larger view^
As usual, YAB's ratings will be compared with IRIS; a KBS Drama.Everyweek, IRIS will be on the #3 with 30% ratings.Because of that, Jang Geun Seuk(Tae Kyung) are unhappy.[i don't get it why they always think about the rating!] He even post his 'dissapointment' at a website(if I not mistaken, @ his CYWORLD ;check soompi) For me, You're Beautiful is famous than IRIS but I still didn't get it why IRIS always got 30% ratings :( I think it's just because Big Bang's TOP the rating got higher.The hero pon bukannya hensem!! ewww~ And I think, it's just because the genre of the drama lain daripada yang lain.ACTION DRAMA, I seriously don't like that kind of dramas or movies. Look here;

dont you see that? You're Beautiful are FAMOUS than IRIS.Everyday, over 10 pages will be made at YAB's thread & every Thursday and Friday night, over 400 users read the thread! So, in order to show YAB's crew, a soompi member had planned a project.CLICK HERE & PARTICIPATE!

ANOTHER PROJECT! <--read JGS 'dissapointment' here
YAB's Fansite <-- you can leave your message to the crew here

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I have two things that I want to share.First, about activities at school today & second about 2PM.However, I''ll post it after I eat & rewatch Episode 9.At the mean time, you can visits 2pm.jype.com I'm sure you'll know what I'll post :)


Today, at school we have 'Anugerah Kecemerlangan KoKurikulum'.I didn't get any & won't get any.I'm not active in cocuriculum.I'm so happy that all the former teachers that I know - Cikgu Zuriah, Datin J, & Cikgu Mus came for today's activities.They even get awards! CONGRATULATIONS :D Anyway, the stalls/booth were kinda boring.Not so much stuff.It's so hard to search for a food.There are only 2-3 that sell meals & all of the meals are sold out! So, I only bought & ate ABC :'( I'm so hungry this morning you know? Oh, my friend open a booth & she sells CROCS.I bought a pair of shoe from her ;

The design is the same with that picture, only the colours are different.Mine was purple with white sole & purple heels.I want to buy the red colour (2PM :D) but I don't have any red shirts.I bought with cheaper price from her - RM 70. Then,suddenly me & Anis heard Sorry Sorry by Super Junior played! There is table at the corner of the canteen,where we can request our own songs.Me & Anis decided to get our songs played so we requested to that person (girls from 3I)
 Here is how we requested [we|them]
Do you have 2PM songs?
2PM! 2PM!
Who's the singer?
huh? It's 2PM lah! >.<
Who's that?
Aigoo! Don't you know them?!?!?
What song did they sang?
Again & Again..
I Hate You?
Oh,sorry..we don't have it :)
Then, can we bluetooth the song to you & you play it?
--then i bluetooth-ed the song while fill in the forms--
Here are the form;
From : Anis
Singer/Title : 2PM - Tired of Waiting
To : Hottests
From : Anis
Singer/Title : FT Island - Barae
To : Primadonna
Speech : Don't forget to watch YAB!
After one hour, our songs still didn't play!We got mad lah!So,we ask them about it & suddenly they mad at us!They told us to WAIT!BE PATIENCE! and so whatever! I really can't stand it! They are the one who did their work not in the right system, & they blame on us! WTH?!!?!? So we claimed our money-END-
A note to that persons -

Okay, next story! hehe~ ehhh, I saw Datin M holding the posters!The BOF & SUPER JUNIOR  posters that the sellers hang on their booth! Datin M said that she 'rampas' that posters & want to put them in her room.She said, "If I put these in my room, I'll win the BEST STAFF ROOM!" OMG! Datin M, you are D.A.T.I.N,right?Why you have to do that shame thing? I'm sure you can buy it! It's not even cost RM5.Poor to that girls!

Another story about 2PM 1:59PM.They released another new teaser & the new album cover at their Official Website.I'm so angry! This new album is 100% without Jaebeom.It's really painful to know that.Plus,the JunBrothers' face were blurred! That make me really MAD! So, what I'll do next? I'll BOYCOTT! Readers, don't blame me on this! I AM PROUD TO BE A HOTTEST! This boycott-ing can bring our LEADJA PINK back! JYP(e) had said, if the new album is a success, they don't need Jaebeom.But, if the new album is a failure, they will bring our Jaebeom.So, that's why I'm into this boycott.Do you still remember the BANK PROJECT by Hottests All Around The World? I participated in that project & I've promised myself that I'll not buy the new album even DOWNLOAD it until Jaebeom returns!

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What time is it now?
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anyone (HOTTESTS) know this? You are living under the rocks if you didn't know this.2PM New song released & gained #1 on Top Chart (not sure either I should smile or not)

Check here :

1) 2PM - Tired of Waiting Full Version
2) 2PM - Tired of Waiting Teaser (sad version?)


기다리다 지친다... U Know?
I'm getting tired of waiting u know?
Kidarinda jichinda u know?

기다리다가 지친다 음~
I'm getting tired of waiting eum~
Kidaridaga jichinda eum~

U Know 넌 넌 내맘아니? 우~
Do you know how I feel?
U know nun nun naemamahnee? Woo~

기다리다가 또 지친다 음~
I'm getting tired of waiting again eum~
Kidaridaga ddo jichinda eum~

너는 아직도 날 기억하니? oh~Know
Do you still remember me?
Nuhneun ahjikdo nahl kiukhani? Oh~know

하루가 지나도 난 너를 못 잊어
Even as a day goes by, I can't forget you
Haruga jinado nan nuhreul mot eejeoh

한달이 지나도 난 너를 못 놔줘
Even if a month goes by, I can't let you go
Handaree jinado nan nuhreul mot najwoh

아직도 널 원한 내 맘을 아니? oh~Know~
Do you know that I still want you?
Ahjikdo nuhl wonhan nae mameul ahnee? Oh~know~

너를 기다리다 지쳐 미치고
I'm going crazy while waiting for you
Nuhreul kidarida jichuh michigo

또 하루하루 매일같이 일년이 같고
Every single day feels like a year
Ddo haruharu maeilgachee ilnyunee gatgo

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

기다리다가 널 기다리다가 yeah~
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you yeah~
Kidaridaga nuhl kidaridaga yeah~

금방이라도 니가 다시 올 것만 같고
It feels like you could come back any second
Geumbangeerado niga dashee ohl guhtman gatgo

뒤돌아서면 다시 너를 볼 것만 같아
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
Dweedoraseomyun dashee nuhreul bohl gutman gata

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

지쳐 미치고 난 지쳐 미치고 yeah~
I'm going crazy being tired, I'm going crazy being tired yeah~
Jicheo michigo nan jicheo michigo yeah~

니가 올까 봐 또 참는다 oh~yeah
I'm holding it in, thinking you'll return~ oh~yeah
Niga ohlggabwa ddo chamneunda oh~yeah

너를 아직도 난 기다린다 oh~yeah
I'm still waiting for you oh~yeah
Nuhreul ahjikdo nan kidarinda oh~yeah

한달이 지나도 난 너를 못 잊어
A month could pass and I wouldn't forget you
Handaree jinado nan nuhreul mot eejeo

일년이 지나도 난 너를 못 놔줘
A year could pass and I wouldn't let you go
Ilnyunee jinado nan nuhreul mot najweo

아직도 널 원한 내맘을 아니? oh~Know~
Do you know how I feel? oh~know~
Ahjikdo nuhl wonhan naemameul ahnee? Oh~know~

너를 기다리다 지쳐 미치고
I'm going crazy while waiting for you
Nuhreul kidarida jichuh michigo

또 하루하루 매일같이 일년이 같고
Every single day feels like a year
Ddo haruharu maeilgachee ilnyunee gatgo

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

기다리다가 널 기다리다가 yeah~
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you yeah~
Kidaridaga nuhl kidaridaga yeah~

금방이라도 니가 다시 올 것만 같고
It feels like you could come back any second
Geumbangeerado niga dashee ohl guhtman gatgo

뒤돌아서면 다시 너를 볼 것만 같아
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
Dweedoraseomyun dashee nuhreul bohl gutman gata

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

지쳐 미치고 난 지쳐 미치고 yeah~
I'm just getting tired, I'm just getting tired yeah~
Jicheo michigo nan jicheo michigo yeah~

왜 이렇게 난 자꾸 힘든데
Why am I always in difficulty
Wae eereokae nan jakkoo himdeundae

머릿속이 복잡해 죽겠네
My head feels so complicated, I could explode
Muhreesokee bokjabhae jookgaetnae

기다리고 기다리던 나인데
Waiting and waiting was I
Kidarigo kidaridun naindae

아직도 소식이 없는데
But no word from you
Ahjikdo soshikee ubneundae

너 땜에 울던 내가 아닌데
There's no way I would've cried for you
Nuh ddaemae ooldun naega ahneendae

나 땜에 떠날 니가 아닌데
There's no way you could have left because of me
Na ddamae ddeonahl niga ahnindae

어째서 이런 내가 힘든데
And through this it's hard for me right now
Eojjaesuh eerun naega himdeundae

어떻게 지금 너무 힘든데
It's so difficult for me now
Eottoke jigeum nuhmoo himdeundae

일년이라도 난 기다릴거야
I'll wait even if it's a year
Ilnyunirado nan kidarilguhya

십년이라도 난 기다릴거야
I'll wait even if it's ten years
Shibnyunirado nan kidarilguhya

oh~난 난 난 난 난 난 난 난
Oh~ nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan

기다리다가 난 지쳐도 좋아
I'm okay if I get tired of waiting
Kidaridaga nan jicheodo joah

너를 기다리다 지쳐 미치고
I'm going crazy while waiting for you
Nuhreul kidarida jichuh michigo

또 하루하루 매일같이 일년이 같고
Every single day feels like a year
Ddo haruharu maeilgachee ilnyunee gatgo

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

기다리다가 널 기다리다가 yeah~
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you yeah~
Kidaridaga nuhl kidaridaga yeah~

금방이라도 니가 다시 올 것만 같고
It feels like you could come back any second
Geumbangeerado niga dashee ohl guhtman gatgo

뒤돌아서면 다시 너를 볼 것만 같아
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
Dweedoraseomyun dashee nuhreul bohl gutman gata

오~난 나 나 나~
Oh~ nan na na na~

지쳐 미치고 난 지쳐 미치고 yeah~
I'm just getting tired, I'm just getting tired yeah~
Jicheo michigo nan jicheo michigo yeah~

hazyfiasco & jiwon @ 2ONEDAY (TRANS/ROM)

Did you watch the heart beat? My heart beat was like that!The teaser make me crying everytime I played it & the full version are meanigful to HOTTESTS and 2PM themselves.And, Wooyoung voices are really great this time! THE CURIOUSITY is..next week 2PM or should i say 1:59PM will have their comeback stage at Music Bank, but is it with Jaebeom or without Jaebeom? I'm tired of waiting you know!

CREDIT to 2oneday, Allkpop, 2PM official website, youtube, myhottest & mixpod.COMPILE by ME :)

p.ss : I'm so proud to be one of the HOTTEST, & please don't bash me!


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나는 기다리고...
Monday, November 2, 2009

나는 기다리고 = I'm waiting
Today, I went to school but only me and Syud came to school! You girls are so mean! T_T You said that you'll come! And you know what, there's no assembly today! I'm full of regrets.Why should I come to school today? I shouldn't come! SO FREAKING BORING! We did nothing except played musics & sleep from 07:40 untill 13:10 . I waited for the clock to 'tick-tock' at 13:10 but why, why it was so late! I waited like a year!
After I arrived at home, I quickly switched on this lappy, & visit 2PM.JYPE.COM to see what happened.The clock still 'tick-tock-ing' when I visited.So, I wait until 2PM because at 2OD, they said the clock will freeze at 01:59 at 3PM KST.Malaysia time is an hour late from KST.Then, it's already 3PM.I visited again, their new song (title unknown) played.


You'll get tired while waiting,
Do you know how I feel?
You'll get tired waiting,
Do you still remember me?

The song is really touching,isn't? I played the song for several times and suddenly... Y___Y Wooyoung & Junho voices was so deep as it was like ; they sang the song for their Leader Jaebeom~ Plus, I heard Jaebeom's adlibs! Is it really him? Well, most of Hottests say yes.But, what's the point if there is his voice in the track but there is not him in the MV? ㅠ.ㅠ
I think I want to change my layout.This layout is so boring in my eyes.Any ideas? hmm, maybe A.N.JELL! :D Not sure yet.I'm waiting for free time~
Lyric translation : 20D Video : MyHottest Cap : Esha Song : 2PM

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Abracadabra Parody?
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yesterday, my sis switched to Channel 104 (Ria) to watch Sehati Berdansa.And then,there is a couple that did the saucy-hips-move.

Check here; (start @ 4:44)

And here is the original version; (start @ 0:14)

What do you think? Parody or just coincidence?

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