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Say Hello to My New Phone!
Friday, April 24, 2009

Yupe,I got a new phone.Even I don't want that phone,I'm still happy.Thanks Ayah and Mama!Love you xoxo
Details; Brand: Sony Ericcson S302
Colour: Blue <3


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Goodbye To My Mobile Phone!
Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yupe,goodbye to my phone~

Why? It is because....my phone no longer working :(
How? Well,I threw my phone to the floor. huhu~
What?!??!?!?? hmm..yeah that's true!It's all my little sister fault.We had a big fight on last night.It started from the lamp switch in our bedroom.I am searching for my earphone but my little sister want to sleep so she switched off the lamp! And I was like....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! WAIT LAH BABE! Then,we started to fight.I switch on,she switch off.I switch on,she switch off.I switch on,she switch off.Until I can't control my self anymore,I switch off the air-conditioner.But,she switch it on.HAAAAAAARGGGHH!In the darkness,I decided to unplugged the air-cond.She try to stop me but in a wrong way.It bring me to pull her hair!I pull her hair as strongest as I could.She did it to me too.I ran away from the bedroom(while the phone is in my hand) then she locked the door.I'm freaking crazy and angry once shen locked the door.I kicked the door for so many times.But,she still won't let me in.At that time,I'm crying like a crazy girl and threw away my phone.My phone was totally drip.That was the first time I threw my precious thing in my life.Actually,I've threw my phone for so many times before but not bad as last night.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today,3 Azam students got an injection to prevent from tetanus(kancing gigi).What is that?
Tetanus, also called lockjaw, is a medical condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers. The primary symptoms are caused by tetanospasmin, a neurotoxin produced by the Gram-positive, obligate anaerobic bacterium Clostridium tetani. Infection generally occurs through wound contamination, and often involves a cut or deep puncture wound. As the infection progresses, muscle spasms in the jaw develop, hence the name lockjaw. This is followed by difficulty in swallowing and general muscle stiffness and spasms in other parts of the body.Infection can be prevented by proper immunization and by post-exposure prophylaxis.

Before we got the injection,we went to a room beside the caunselor room(i don't know what I should call it) to check out our height,weight and eyes.I'm short with 1.46m only,and weight is....cannot tell you.Anyway,when we waiting for our name to be call,(outside the room) Datin..(i don't know what her name but for sure it's not Datin Jamaliah neither Datin Bebe) came outside from the caunselor room. Suddenly,bad words came out from her mouth.

A few conversation between the girls and Datin.

Datin: Kenapa ni?
Girls: Nak tggu kene inject.
Datin: Oh..Biar korang kena inject sampai mati!
Esha and Diera: [looking at each other] Huh?What?
Datin: Biar kurang sikit pelajar yang nak diajar.
Esha: Kurang ajar gila! [talking to Diera]
Diera: [speechless]
---THE END--- Isn't it is kind of 'KURANG AJAR'! If what she said happened to one of us,I don't know what I should call her.Datin?Teacher?Emmmm..I still don't know! I will stop here.Bye~ Tetanus source: Wikipedia

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new layout again :)
Friday, April 10, 2009

vvvv previous layout vvvv
I made new layout again.Now,it is SS501 turns!Who are they?They are a Korean Boys Band.They are my favourite!This layout took me one week to finish.This is the longest time I have ever took to finished the design,edit and coding a layout.Fuhh..
Finally!!Anyway,please rate my new layout.By the way,you can leave your comments through the comment link or the tagboard beside there>>>

Andddd...click the top-right button to follow my blog.Just one click and you get everything.It's easy,isn't?

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SMK S7 video
Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is really funny.I actually typed 'SMK S7' at google search bar.Then the links start to coming out.Then,at the first row,its "budak sekolah belajar mencuri (smk seksyen 7) must watched!!" I thought it is about a student get caught when he/she is stealing.I click on it and started to watch the video.I can stop laughing when I watch it.You should watch it.Check it out.

Whoever are the cast,you guys acted so good! XD


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BOF OST Download Links
Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm sharing all OST in Boys over Flowers.I upload it myself,so there's no way you can share the download links with your friends! BOF have 3 OST Albums. First is the season one OST,second is the songs starting from episode 14 and last album is F4 Special Edition.Simply click the download links below to download.Please tell me if you downloaded some/all the albums..


13 songs including the opening theme and instruments music.


13 songs including the opening theme and instruments music.

OST 2.5

4 songs.F4 Special Editio.

I've translated the Korean name of the songs to English.Download links for translated version;
OST 2.5

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Lee Min Ho Dancing
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So cute :O


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BOF Last Episode ~pt. 2(SS501 Fanmeeting)

As I told in the previous post,Kim Hyun Joong made a fanmeeting.This post will tell you more about that night.

The event’s supposed to start at 9pm, but people started crowding at the venue from 4ish in the afternoon.

The event started with the ‘famous’ Ji-Hoo scenes from the drama. After that, Hyun Joong apppeared from behind the screen.

He sang Thank You, and he was wearing the gray suit.

Seems like his voice wasn’t in the best of condition. he sounded rather tired, but he still sounded great.

Then the MC came out. they chatted and joked for awhile.

Then Hyun Joong sang Because I’m Stupid.But he sorta missed the beat and made a mistake. He looked very nervous actually, but he still cute.

next, Kim bum and Kim joon appeared on-stage and they started chatting again. they were hilarious, so funny!

then hyun joong sang Happiness Is while Kim Bum and Kim Joon sat on the safe by the side of the stage. as he was singing, he was goofing around and touching the two boys’ faces. totally funny.

Then they watched the last episode of BOF. Kim Joon had to leave first; so hyun joong and kim bum sat on the sofa to watch the drama. can’t remember much of the drama honestly, except that there seemed to be a fair bit of hyun joong’s scenes.

after the drama ended, the two stood up to greet and thank everyone. then kim bum left the stage.

Hyun Joong changed his outfit to something that’s quite rain’s style (bb: the white jacket with black gloves?) and did a solo… it was hot. (bb: wonder what song he performed… it wasn’t mentioned.)

After that, the three guys from SS501 (Triple S) came out and sang U R Man, and the trio also performed Because I’m Stupid.

and then Jung Min appeared!!!

and Hyun Joong also appeared, so the five of them sang together (bb: what song, what song??) next, the five of them introduced themselves and chatted on-stage. and then they sang Make A Lover.

then, they discussed on-stage what next to sing… then they sang… (bb: what song, what song??)

it feels so great to see the five of them on-stage again after so long. it’s wonderful to be able to come!!!

Although it’s good for those who could make it here this time, but for those who could not come, you must go and catch them in the Asia Tour soon. You won’t be disappointed…
credits;Translated by happiebb @ soompi
Took from koala41 @ http://koala41.wordpress.com

I wish I were there and got this thing Y.Y

Kim Hyun Joong Dance & Singing Be My Girl

Kim Hyun Joong Play Guitar

SS501- U R Man

SS501- Deja Vu

video credits;hoonfamily @ youtube

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BOF Last Episode ~ pt.1(The best scene)

Finally!I've watched the episode until the last episode.Poor my Ji-Hoo because he's alone.But,that's okay because I'm with him.Hahah..Well,what can I say about this drama is this is th best drama ever!!With the cute actors,good line-story,school-life's story and of course love story you'll never regret if you watch this drama.
The best scene in the last episode is when Jan Di try to make Jun Pyo remember her again.She's tried all the things that happened between her and him.That is the funniest part XD And the sad scene is when Jan Di try to suicide because Jun Pyo say something wrong about the necklace that GJP gave to GJD (T.T)
By the way,yesterday at Korea,Kim Hyun Joong(Ji-Hoo) made a fanmeeting with SS501 fans to watch the last episode of BOF.It's called 'Goodbye Ji-Hoo' if I not mistake.I wish I were there :(

I love Kim Hyun Joong especially when he wearing spect!
I made this.This scene happened right before the 2nd image.
A Happy Ending!

P.S; Every single picture in this post were edited by me.I took screenshot and edit the pictures.Do not steal!

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My name is Nur A'isyah but commonly known as Esha. I do have a Korean name that was picked by myself; 윤수민 (Yoon Soo Min). I was born on 940906 and currently waiting for PMR Results. I love photoshop, editing and things. I can't live without computer, internet, musics and phone. I'm proud to be a Hottest, I AM, B2UTY, Triple S, 4Nia, Kamilia, ELF, A+ & Kiss Me :D
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