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To much Homework?
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well,school holiday;there must be homeworks! A bunch of homework duh...But,it's good for us as PMR victims.By the way,I'm not finish my homework yet.I'm Freaking LAZY!

doing homework while eating and listen to the musics.

scattered,isn't it? {homeworks}

view from first floor.


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Gerhana Matahari
Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry,but I want to write this post in Bahasa & English (bahasa rojak). Anyway,petang tadi kira-kira jam 4.30ptg ada gerhana matahari.Happy & excited giler!My mom told us yesterday,yang hari ni ada gerhana matahari.Tu yang da setkan filem and besen.FYI,nak tgk gerhana matahari mana bleh tgk straight dgn mata.Tp,me and my 2nd sis,Hajar x guner besen pown tgk gerhana tu.Ktorg guner filem.Mo'long ktorg ada btau smalam,nak tgk guner filem x pown x-ray boleh cumer kn guner 2 lapis.Kalau x,mau pecah biji mata ktorg.Ingat nak guner x-ray 1st sis Esha punyer,tp malas la pulak nak cari.Btw,tadi ktorg nmpk gerhana tu;cumer ktorg x sure samada matahari tu tgh gerhana ke x.Aderla nampak skit-skit.But,tu lar still geram nih.Esha ada amik gmbr gerhana tu.Banyak la jugak,cumer ader 1 jew gmbr yg nmpk gerhana tu.Nyesal giler x amik gmbr tu betol2 and byk2!!

BTW,masok berita plak!3 jam 45 minit gerhana tu.Sedihnya,x dpt tgk gerhana matahari tu lama2.The 2nd gerhana will be kat China.Tp,ktorg still b'syukur dpt tgk matahari tu.First time tgk dlm seumur hidop.

gerhana matahari.took by me c=

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Another event.
Sunday, January 25, 2009

My family had a feast.My maklong's family and my ngah's(Diera) family are invited.As usual,we always come to each other home either once a week or once a month.And this time,my house.My mom and sisters cooked butter prawn,pecal,fried chicken,daging masak asam and vegetable.The first food we struggle for is butter prawn.When i came back from the kitchen to get the rice,the butter prawn already finished.Erghh...Anyway,after 30 minutes,desserts served.My sister made a creme caramel and orange muffins.

our creme caramel =p

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Yesterday,we family had a barbeque at our left-neighbour house.Cik Ayu,thanks for invited us and everyone at the nighbourhood :) Anyway,there is a lot of food there.Barbeque,cocktail,mashed potato,nasi lemak and etc.Oh,my sisters and me made a creme caramel (; We are really good at this,so my mom asked us to make it.After eat,we go outside and play bicycle.Diera's little sister,Yaya a 2 years baby also play the bicyle.She's so cute!Here's some picture at that night...

creme caramel w/o cocktail.

creme caramel w/ cocktail.


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Big Fighting?
Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yesterday, I came home early than usual. I had a big fight with my little sister. But she's not little. She's is big than me!Anyway,she started it first okay!We were struggled for remote control.Both remote, Astro and TV.She always be the queen control of the remotes.I want to controll too but she doesn't want to give it to me.If she controll the remotes,she will switch to her movies.INDON movies!I can't stand it! INDON INDON INDON..hergh ;So,I started throwing her stuff.All her stuff that closed to me,I threw then she threw mine.After that,I was really HOTso I took off Astro SmartCard and I keep it with me,run to upstair,hiding in my parent's bedroom.Haha....20 minutes later,she knocked the door and make some noised.I can't stand it,so I opened.From that time,we started our really big fight!She pull my lovely hair!It's hurt I meant realy hurt!At that time,I kicked her face and her head! Pity on her ;] but,She still doesn't want to let go my hair.I kicked her body as strong as I could.I slapped her face for so many times! I scream out like a freaking crazy girl. Then,come the third person.She's my 2nd sister,Hajar. She slapped my little sister.She didn't slapped me.Thanks GOD! THE END OF FIGHT :) oh,She also threw my phone.She threw from the first floor.Well,I don't care! The phone already like a shit (=

Conclusion; Whoever make me HOTT,I will kick you off!I don't care if you have to go to the hospital.So,you better be careful with me ;) That's the real me.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bahasa time!Teacher accosted me!I used shotform in Tatabahasa(Grammar).So what?I used shotform in my notes.As long as I can understand it and I know what I wrote,it's enough.She told me not to use shotform.I know I can't used it when in an exam!But,it's just notes!NOTES!!Why don't you have a look at my answers?Did I wrote any shotform?NOOOOOOO....Anyway,every single students in this world used shotform in their notes & I'm one of them...Please understand me.I know what I'm doing... Thats all for today :(

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Bliss Oh Bliss ~
Saturday, January 17, 2009

I came back from Diera's home.I got a mail from MTV!! O.O In the mail,I got Dido's Autographed Polaroid :) I was happy but not so happy. -.-" Anyway,I'm hungry,so I opened the refgirator & I saw Bliss =p I want that Bliss but it was my sister's :( I asked her if she doesn't want it,then she said that she doesn't like it.She hate it.So,I took and drink the Bliss.Then,I noticed that the Bliss already experied yesterday.I was so sad :(( I want it!I want it!I want it!


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My name is Nur A'isyah but commonly known as Esha. I do have a Korean name that was picked by myself; 윤수민 (Yoon Soo Min). I was born on 940906 and currently waiting for PMR Results. I love photoshop, editing and things. I can't live without computer, internet, musics and phone. I'm proud to be a Hottest, I AM, B2UTY, Triple S, 4Nia, Kamilia, ELF, A+ & Kiss Me :D
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